The KAYSRHR Network’s members elect a Steering Committee to coordinate members, define network priorities and positions, develop and assure adherence to high standards, and manage membership, partnerships, operations, and shared finances. The Steering Committee also oversees working groups that advance work on key priority areas related to both programs and operations. The Steering Committee is led by co-chairs to manage the network’s efforts effectively, efficiently, and transparently. The Organization of African Youth, as the network’s host organization, serves as one co-chair with a second co-chair being elected by the members. Other members of the Steering Committee will be the lead or representative organizations of each working group, with regional balance being given significant consideration. The Working Groups are Advocacy, Communications, Capacity Building, Partnerships and Membership

Communications Working Group
This Communications Working Group enables the KAYSRHR Network, as well as individual members, to build its reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted voice on SRHR, and ultimately return greater advocacy and funding results. A strong public profile and recognition among their target audiences facilitates easier access to policymakers and communities alike, strengthening future advocacy efforts.

Partnerships Working Group
Partnership priority is a harmonized approach to partnership among members for the establishment and enhancement of effective links with government, private sector entities, individuals and development partners, including resource partners. A singular approach giveS the KAYSRHR Network the consistency in how it works with partners and projects professional stability.

Capacity Building Working Group

The Network places great emphasis on members capacity building. While members identify many areas they want to increase their skills and knowledge in, the priority in this area is strengthening capacity on governance, coalition management, and member support and coordination. These are foundational capacities that allow the Network to consolidate itself institutionally, grow in its reach and membership, and be better able to help members build their own capacities in other diverse areas, too.

Advocacy Building Working Group
The advocacy Building Working Group is focused on creating systems and mechanisms for planning, coordination, and campaign implementation among members that will bolster the network’s advocacy efforts for all issues. To ensure the network’s advocacy in both the short- and long-term achieves the highest possible results, the immediate advocacy priority is deepened infrastructure, knowledge, shared positions, and systems for well planned, timed, and coordinated advocacy campaigns on key issues.

Membership Working Group
As a growing network of organizations across Kenya, the Network relies on its members’ consistent and active participation for its success. This consistency is critical to its growth and development, as well as its long-term advocacy efforts for bringing about positive change for youth on SRHR issues in Kenya. The Network has as a priority standardized policies and processes for current members and new member recruitment and onboarding. A defined and established system for managing membership provides a foundation for supporting members in their own growth and work and strengthen the network’s ability to pursue joint action.